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V-AIR Frozen Beverage machine

V-AIR Frozen Beverage machine

The V-AIR Frozen Beverage machine provides the versatility to serve dairy-based and alcohol-based products in addition to traditional frozen beverages. Featuring a user-friendly digital control board, a preventative maintenance reminder, and zero side clearance for a compact design, this machine is also effortless to clean.

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    The V-AIR Frozen Beverage machine has various product options, including frozen beverages as well as dairy-based and alcohol-based products. It is equipped with a digital display for easy operation and a preventive maintenance reminder to ensure optimal performance. Additionally, the machine's zero side clearance space design allows for efficient use of space. The patented Quick Defrost Mode enables quick and effortless defrosting, while the user-friendly drip tray full indicator makes maintenance a breeze.

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