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Turbomix Vertical Blender

Turbomix Vertical Blender

Experience exceptional performance, superior quality, and convenient cleaning with Turbomix - the ultimate vertical blender for frozen desserts and pastries.

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The Variable Speed motor for Turbomix is easily managed through hand controls. The blender can be moved vertically and in 360° circular motions. In addition, this product comes with two cutters and an optional cutter. The Cream Emulsifier quickly and efficiently emulsifies any dairy or oily ingredients into creamy mixtures or base mix. The Fruit Emulsifier is perfect for chopping and mixing fresh or frozen fruit puree, as well as blending sugars and powdered ingredients. The Optional Cutter is great for cutting large pieces of fruit and transforming them into a fine puree. Turbomix also offers convenience with its Immersion blender, which stands alone for ease of use. It also allows for the desired mixing time to be set, so the product can finish production autonomously.

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