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READY 302 G | 502 G | 802 G

READY 302 G | 502 G | 802 G


The Dynamic Carpigiani Technology streamlines the frozen dessert production process with its all-in-one machine that can handle heating, aging, and batch freezing. With this advanced technology, a variety of mixtures can be transformed into excellent Ice Cream, Gelato, Sorbet, Sherbet, Frozen Custard, Water Ice, and more.


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Utilize Hard-O-Tronic technology for automatic consistency control and determine when the product is fully complete by mixing, heating, and freezing in the same cylinder. The POM Beater can withstand extreme hot and cold temperatures and includes auto-adjusting scrapers for a thorough extraction. With Post Cooling, frozen desserts are extracted cold and the precise amount of water is delivered for mixtures and cleaning functions, saving time and avoiding dosage errors. Access the intuitive control panel even while adding mix and perform operations standing up for user comfort. The shelf mat is specifically designed to hold both trays and tubs during extraction, while the crystal setting option allows for the creation of frozen pastries, mono portions, and packaged servings with the option of a dispensing door.

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