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Pastochef 55 RTX

Pastochef 55 RTX

The Pastochef 55 RTX is an all-in-one machine that can cook, cool, mix, and age your ingredients, saving time and labor. The control panel allows for easy operation, with simple selection of programs and addition of ingredients according to the machine's requirements. 

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With precise temperature control and rapid product cooling, the patented system ensures hygiene and prevents the growth of bacteria in the finished product. The ergonomic design and few components make cleaning easy, and the small footprint saves valuable space. Additionally, Pastochef prioritizes safety by continuing the cycle or entering storage mode in the event of a power or water outage. The see-through lid design of this Pastochef 55 RTX allows for easy visibility of the machine's mixing process. With its durable, impact-resistant structure and alcohol-safe material, it features a wide chute that accommodates large quantities of ingredients. Additionally, the unique beater design offers eight blending modes and pivoting blades for efficient scraping of walls. The adjustable shelf, made of stainless steel and a rubber mat, can hold trays and containers at different heights, while the multi-functional spigot enables one-hand operation for extracting both liquid and dense products.

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