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Mister Art

Mister Art

Mister Art is a versatile machine that can accommodate and heat-treat a variety of mixtures, including dairy, fruit, powdered, and water-based ingredients, making it perfect for ice cream cake, pastry, and premium ice cream pop molds.

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Mister Art's patented gear pump from Carpigiani allows for precise control over overrun, making it the ideal choice for producing your desired product. The tank, motor, and cylinder work continuously to ensure convenient and efficient production. The expertly designed door features multiple terminals for easy filling, including two for gelato pastries, two for fresh pastries, and a hose with a Crystal portioning pistol. A recipe book is also included. The machine's self-pasteurizing system and heated cylinder simplify cleaning and ensure hygiene standards are met. Additionally, a specialized brush and optional sprayer with a spiral hose and quick coupling make cleaning even easier.

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