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Maestro HCD

Maestro HCD

For precision in confined spaces, trust Maestro HCD. The all-in-one solution for pasteurization and batch freezer production, this product allows you to mix, heat, and freeze in the same cylinder. 

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    The Maestro HCD's Hot-Cold-Dynamic® feature adjusts temperature based on the quantity of product and desired style, ensuring ideal cold and hot temperatures for frozen desserts and pastries. With a POM Food safe plastic beater and auto-adjusting scrapers, extraction is made easy and post cooling ensures the frozen dessert is ready upon extraction. With 9 specialized programs for Artisan Gelato & Sorbet and 6 Pastry Cream programs, Maestro HCD has options for all your needs. And with a convenient water filling capability and an intuitive control panel, operations are easy and efficient. Its high temperature cleaning cycle and continuous stainless steel design ensure maximum cleanliness and hygiene, while the option for a "Tune Up Kit" annually maintains the longevity of the machine and validates the warranty. 

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