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LB 502 RTX | RTX G | RTX G TRU-2

LB 502 RTX | RTX G | RTX G TRU-2

The LB 502 RTX | RTX G | RTX G TRU-2 is the ideal 20qt ice cream and gelato batch freezer for startup frozen dessert businesses. This dynamic Carpigiani machine is the perfect choice for creating the best ice cream, gelato, sorbet, sherbet, premium custard, water ice, and more.

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The LB 502 RTX | RTX G | RTX G TRU-2 are made with patented Hard-O-Dynamic technology for consistent results regardless of batch size. Automatic controls maintain product consistency until extraction begins, while the POM Beater and optional shelf mat ensure complete extraction. Equipped with audible alarms and electronic controls, this machine offers flexibility and ease of operation, as well as minimal flavor overlap and easy cleaning with its built-in faucet and flex hose. The TRU-2 model also provides the industry's greatest flexibility to create a wide range of products, and is ready for remote diagnostics and repairs. Maximum output is 20 quarts per batch with a maximum input of 4-12 quarts.

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