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LB 1002 RTX | RTX G | RTX G TRU-2

LB 1002 RTX | RTX G | RTX G TRU-2


The LB 1002 RTX | RTX G | RTX G TRU-2 is designed with advanced Hard-O-Dynamic technology, ensuring consistent results regardless of batch size.


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Its electronic controls maintain the product until extraction begins, while the POM Beater can withstand extreme temperatures and features auto-adjusting scrapers for optimal extraction. This machine also offers convenient Automatic Control, with an audible alarm indicating when the desired consistency is achieved. It maximizes extraction, resulting in minimal flavor overlap and less frequent cleaning. The RTX G & RTX G-TRU 2 models come with additional built-in features such as a faucet with a flex hose for easy cleaning, and remote diagnostic and repair capabilities. With a generous 37qt batch freezer capacity for Classic Gelato & Low Overrun Desserts, the LB 1002 RTX | RTX G remains an ideal choice.

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