Ice Cream Hardening Cabinet ICH-1D

Great for Restaurants and high volume operations.

PerformanceThe top and bottom of the Ice Cream hardening freezer are capable of operating at -25 to -15 degrees Fahrenheit.

ConvenienceThe hardening freezer contains a stay-open door feature for easy product loading; a magnetic door switch that activates the interior LED light; one peice, snap-in magnetic gaskets; and low profile vertical door handles.

SavingsThe hardening freezer includes an adaptive defrost for reduced energy consumption and more consistant product temperatures.


24 –  2.5 gallon tubs without racks
16 –  2.5 gallon tubs with racks
16 – 3 gallon tubs without racks
12 – 3 gallon tubs with racks
28 – 5 Liter std pans
16 – Large 5 Liter pans
8 – Full Size Sheet Pans (26″ x 18″)