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Spec Sheet

Marin Freezer

Vertical display freezer for ice-cream and gelato

Minimal, compact and available in two sizes, Marin fits perfectly into any type of room.

With partial double glazing and insulated door.
Monolithic structure with 60 mm thick ecological polyurethane insulation (HCFC and HFC free) with C02.
Interior and exterior in white plastic sheet metal.
Door aluminum frame painted grey color and self-closing facility with self return hinges.
Large door handle for easy grip.
Fluorescent lighting positioned vertically.
Carbon powder-coated steel frame with rollers lor easy handling and two adjustable feet lo stabilize the cabinet.
Control panel with electronic control.
Automatic self-evaporating condensate drip tray.
Hermetic condensing unit.
Adjustable side shelf supports.
Illuminated back-lit panel above the door.