A classic Carpigiani batch freezer machine designed to create the best Ice Cream, Sherbet, Water Ice & Premium Custard for the start up Ice Cream business.

Batch Freezer Performance

Patented Hard-O-Dynamic technology achieves desired consistency with any batch size.

Electronic controls automatically maintain product until extraction begins.

POM Beater resists extreme hot and cold temperatures and includes auto-adjusting scrapers for complete extraction.

Batch Freezer Convenience

Automatic Control provides unparalleled flexibility and ease of operation.

Audible alarm signals when product achieves desired consistency.

Maximized extraction results in minimal flavor overlap with less frequent rinsing.

Operations are done standing up for user comfort.

Optional shelf mat designed to hold trays & tubs during extraction is available.

Batch Freezer Savings

Lowest power consumption in the industry while providing some of the quickest batch freezing times.

Self-adjusting scraper can be replaced without needing a new beater.

Air-cooling option available (on LB 302 RTX and LB1002 RTX models)

Batch Freezer Safety

Automatic defrost starts during power outages to avoid damage to beater.

Rounded corners reduce risk of injury to operator.

Built-in faucet with flex hose makes cleaning fast and easy.

Removable extraction chute for easy cleaning.

Scotch-Brite treated steel is resistant to stains and fat residues.

Ask us for the “Carpi Care Kit” to best maintain equipment.