Carpigiani K3 Shake and Sundae Machine Certification

Carpigiani K3 Shake and Sundae Machine Certification

JTB Distributors has been authorized by McDonald's corporation to provide annual maintenance certification for Carpigiani K3 shake and sundae machines. The deadline for this years required maintenance certification is June 1st, so don't wait to schedule a certification with one of our fully trained professionals!

The cost for certification is $2,055 and includes: 

  • Kit Parts: 12 month kit, brush kit, belt, and pump gears
  • Up to 8 hours of labor including travel time
  • Full machine inspection that includes: Performance history, system calibration, sensor control settings, air filters, parts and accessories, mix hoppers and freezing cylinders, pump drive shafts, etc. 
  • Installation of kit parts
  • Inspection certificate 

The cost does not include: 

  • Removal of mix or syrup from machine
  • Cleaning of machine
  • Refrigeration repairs
  • Replacement of missing parts or accessories
  • Diagnostic time for electrical, mechanical, or refrigeration system problems/errors

Additional labor beyond the 6 hours included due to an uncleaned machine, diagnostic time for errors, machine repair, or replacement of parts/accessories is not included in the certification cost and will be billed additionally. 

For more information, and to schedule your certification, please contact

As a certified distributor for Carpigiani USA, we are authorized to perform certification inspection for McDonalds' annual certification program for Carpigiani shake and sundae machines.  



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