JTB Distributors was founded in 1991 by Tom and Sandy Bailey. Tom had been working in refrigeration and Specialty Food Service Equipment for a number of years, but had always had a vision of owning his own business. Sandy was a professional bookkeeper. Naturally, they started this business together, and it has only exponentially grown over the past 30 years.

Tom and Sandy are well-known in their community for their volunteer service, their generous hospitality and ability to make anyone they meet feel like they are family. With seven children to raise, you would think Tom and Sandy would be too busy to also run their own business, but they not only did that, but also owned a Coldstone Creamery for ten years, were actively involved in 4-H, The Napa Valley Youth Symphony – Tom being on the board of directors – and served as leaders of the Napa Valley Homeschool Group. Now empty-nesters, Tom and Sandy are able to focus entirely on their business, investing in it’s growth, and bringing Ice Cream, Gelato, and happiness to people all over California and beyond.