Does JTB Distributors sell refurbished equipment?2020-12-12T18:05:55-08:00

Yes, we do. If a brand new machine is out of your budget, please ask us about what we have available in our refurbished department.

Does JTB Distributors sell parts?2020-12-12T18:06:20-08:00

We are an authorized parts distributor for Carpigiani.

I am opening a brand new store and I need help with my store design. Can JTB help me with th2020-12-12T18:06:57-08:00

Yes, we can! If you have a store needing to be designed, we actually partner with the best design firm in the industry out of New York City that will work with us to make sure that your store is built exactly how you want it.

Does JTB Distributors have any reseller discounts?2020-12-12T18:07:26-08:00

Yes. Please email us if you are interested in becoming a reseller partner with us.

Do you have an auto-ship program in place for tune-up kits2020-12-12T18:08:03-08:00

Yes, we do! Please email us to enroll in our auto-ship program. Tune-up kits are available to ship to you every 6 or 12 months (depending on your preference) and are essential to maintaining the health and longevity of your machine.

Do you offer repair services?2020-12-12T18:08:34-08:00

We absolutely do! We have trained and experienced technicians that can provide on-site or virtual repairs for your equipment.

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